Common examples of Results team cultures:


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Sales is the classic Results culture. Anyone who has watched Alec Baldwin’s famous scene in Glengarry Glen Ross knows what a Results culture looks like. (If you haven’t seen it, beware; it is crude and full of foul language). The film delivered some of the most iconic sales quotes, including “Coffee is for closers only.” and “Always. Be. Closing.” Even though the example is fictional, it is so well known and so emblematic of how Results culture pervades sales teams in the real world, that it is largely treated as a case study. If watching that scene motivates you, you belong in sales. If it repulses you, you don’t belong in sales and a Results culture isn’t for you. The premise is that there are external challenges out there in the form of leads. If you stick to the script and employ proven tactics, you will succeed. The proof is in the pudding. That is the essence of Results culture.